Save your iPhone Photos and Videos

Occasionally, I am asked to help with getting an iPhone to do “something” with a PC running Windows XP. This can be tricky, since (1) Apple’s iCloud Control Panel doesn’t officially run on XP, and (2) recently Microsoft stopped supporting XP. In answer to that, here’s my first in a series of steps on how to get your iPhone to communicate well with your aging PC.
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How to Keep That Gig

“One bad apple spoils the bunch.” We’ve all been in an environment where one person seemed to always be a naysayer. They’re either a hot-head, a know-it-all, or the passive-aggressive type who mumbles under their breath about how things should be done. This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen in any group in order for it to be successful. We all work hard to get where we are. When you finally get that gig, there’s an etiquette you should follow in order to stay on your fellow musicians’ and conductor’s good side.

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